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    Managed Service Provider Partners

    Ready to earn more?

    We designed our partner program to deliver maximum value and lucrative rewards. From our product development to our maintenance and support, we arm you with proven cloud solutions that quickly transform your business and solve customer challenges. Expand your addressable market and add new revenue streams with PropelCLOUD S3 compatible object storage, edge caching cloud NAS, file based data backup client and disaster recovery solutions that are exceptionally easy to deploy and manage.

    Partner Cloud Solution's & Benefits:

    S3 Compatible Object Based Storage
    PropelCLOUD storage is equally resilient (3 copies on 3 unique storage devices) and more cost effective with unlimited free egress PLUS it’s S3 Compatible.
    Endpoint and Remote Server Data Protection
    Simple, secure, and user-enabled data protection tools for direct-to-cloud or disk-to-disk-to-cloud (hybrid) backup models.
    Infinite Scale - Edge Caching Cloud NAS
    Intelligent caching technology delivers unlimited file access to office users, with visibility to all organizational files centralized in the cloud.
    In-Cloud and Cross-Cloud Data Protection
    Enterprise-grade, fully-automated, and network-optimized in-cloud and cross-cloud backup solution designed for the scale, automation and security.
    Remote / Branch Office Modernization
    Modernize your remote office/branch office (ROBO) IT with a comprehensive solution combining on-premises and cloud storage.
    24/7 PropelCLOUD Technical Support
    24/7 availability to resolve your issues and ensure your success. Hands-on training provided by PropelCLOUD instructors.
    Reduce Capital Spend While Providing More Services
    Between servers, storage, firewalls, networking gear, cables, cooling equipment, power and employees, building a robust in-house infrastructure for running your business apps and storing your mission-critical data is downright expensive.
    Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities
    MSP's can easily upsell cloud storage services to their existing customers. Dramatically reduce service provider time-to-market, while also enabling the delivery of the broadest suite of storage-as-a-service offerings to maximize revenue per user.
    Multi-Tenant Architecture + Per Customer Security
    Our platform offers highly containerized multi-tenancy and multi-tiered management. Offer business customers highly secured storage services with isolated storage buckets for each customer, two factor authentication and individual encryption keys per tenancy.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Learn from the most frequently asked questions related to the PropelCLOUD MSP Program.
    • Why Partner With PropelCLOUD?
      As a PropelCLOUD Managed Service provider partner, we’re always there when you need us. We provide everything you need to sell, manage, implement, and support your services with access to support engineers around the clock.
    • How Do I Manage My Customer Data?
      MSP’s can deploy software and manage their end customer cloud data respositores via our PropelCLOUD MSP portal https://msp.propelcloud.co
    • I Want Learn More About PropelCLOUD S3 OBS
      Please visit the following page to learn more about our S3 Compatible Object Based Storage https://propelcloud.co/object-storage-s3/
    • Tell Me More About The PropelCLOUD Backup Agent
      PropelCLOUD Drive offers private file sync and share and endpoint data protection from a single, lightweight software client. The software clients connect either directly to PropelCLOUD or to a PropelCLOUD Edge Filer, to support both ...
    • What Are The Partner Requirements?
      No long list of check boxes and “minimum spend/level” requirements. You simply need to be an established MSP with a need to provide “profitable” cloud and data protection services to your customers. Simple. Easy. PropelCLOUD.
    • What Services Can I Resell Via The Partner Program?
      You can resell the following PropelCLOUD services at a MSP discounted rates: PropelCLOUD S3 compatible object storage – 1MB to 1PB, edge caching cloud NAS, file based cloud backup agents and our cloud replication manager.
    • How Does An Edge Caching Cloud NAS Work?
      Intelligent File Tiering: Smart policies tier infrequently used files to low-cost cloud or object storage while enabling users to selectively pin critical files for fast local access. https://propelcloud.co/edge/
    • Do You Offer Data Center Colocation?
      As public and private cloud engineers we realize certain scenarios are best serviced by a Hybrid Cloud approach. Therefore we offer Fully Managed colocation which includes 10Gbps direct to PropelCLOUD cross connect to meet demanding ...

    Two options to get started:

    Quick Start MSP Bundles

    Select from one of our pre-configured MSP partner bundles. Add and remove resources as needed to scale up or scale down to meet your customer requirements. Prices are fee simple and no not have minimum spend requirements. You will need a MSP invite code to proceed. Don't have one? Click here to register

    Custom Tailored Solution

    Have high capacity or complex needs that require a custom MSP partner package? Complete the quick survey and we will schedule a call with an engineer and implementation manager to create the perfect partner solution. Also select this option if you simply have more questions or do not have a MSP invite code.