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    What We Do

    Propel Cloud provides feature rich multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud hosting, backup, replication, disaster recovery, and high availability.
    Propel Cloud enables organizations of all sizes to safely benefit from cloud agility and economies of scale with fully managed cloud and hybrid-cloud technologies that cut cost's, scale quickly and enables your company to grow without worrying about infrastructure.
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    High Availability Colocation

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    The Propel Cloud Method

    Cloud-based hosting, backup, replication, disaster recovery, and long-term retention in a single air-tight package.
    In an era where economy runs 24/7, IT teams struggle to balance business expectations with service delivery. Because of this, many businesses are adopting cloud-based solutions to improve agility and lower costs. Propel Cloud allows businesses to grow by simplifying their infrastructures and closing the gap between on-premise and cloud workloads.

    General Questions

    • Where are your data centers located?
      Our Propel Cloud service is powered by 4 High Availability data centers operating in 4 diverse & strategic geographic zones. Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, Irvine California and Paris-Velizy France are where we call home.
    • Do you offer traditional onsite colocation?
      Yes, our data centers offer full cabinet and cage options. Our data centers were designed for full redundancy including, 2N A/B power, UPS, generators, 24/7 security guards, built-in disaster recovery options and much more.
    • How does your cloud compare to AWS?
      The majority of our clients migrate from AWS. Propel Cloud offers a much more tailored, cost saving, private and managed solution than AWS. Dual HA zones included for free, a complete suite of integrated managed services and lower monthly costs are just a few of the reasons why our clients choose Propel Cloud over other cloud providers.
    • Will you help me install my software package?
      It depends on your service level. For Managed Infrastructure Cloud accounts, you are responsible for installing and maintaining all software on your server. If your account has a Managed Operations service level, PropelCLOUD provides support for specific software and server configurations on Cloud Servers. Managed Operations options and pricing will be presented during Cloud Server registration.


    Stay compliant and meet long-term retention targets for a variety of regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and ITAR.
    The globalization of business introduces new and complex compliance requirements that if not upheld, threaten organizations with costly fines, litigation, and loss of credibility. Support corporate and regulatory compliance by maintaining full protection of your systems and applications, with options to meet any need ranging from email archiving to continuous data replication for high availability. PropelCLOUD data centers exceed industry standards for security, integrity, resiliency, availability, and performance.